School Comics 2008–2013

High School: 2008–2010

Sorry for the small images, but these are the earliest comics I have. These were all before I started using sketchbooks.
When I was in high school, after classes there would commonly be a janitor called to the custodial office in a tone that sounded like he was really done with someone’s shit.
Misc comics from 2009 or so.
Comics from NaNoMangO 2009
Some misc comics from prob 2010.
A surreal comic based on some weird AIM roleplaying done with my now-husband before we ever started dating.

Suffolk Community College: 2010–2012

Misc comics from my time at SCCC.
Very much into ponies in 2011–2012.
NaNoMangO 2011.

Fashion Institute of Technology: 2012–2013



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